So here we go …

The first blog post is always a fun place to start, all those things I had in mind to say and now I come to write them …… oh bugger.

The reason I’m doing this is 2012 is the year I say ‘Sod it’ and bugger off around the world. As a kid I watched an unhealthy amount of Michael Palin and Alan Whicker travel programmes which has given me an unstoppable desire to travel the globe. It’s plauged me through University where I filled up an entire passport in 3 years in places like Malaysia (great place to go to study, or not actually get down to the studying in my case), all around Europe, China (courtesy of the British Government – see, South Africa and many, many other places.

I’ve spent the last two and a half years working away as an accountant for BAE Systems and latterly as a Strategy Consultant for a firm nobody has ever heard of when you tell them ( They have kindly let me escape in a few weeks time to travel the length of Central and South America from Cancun in Mexico down to Santiago in Chile. Between now and then I have to squeeze in trips to Cuba and Ireland as well as a hop to Canada on my way to Latin America.

Hopefully I’ll fill these spaces with a range on interesting and insightful bits and pieces of commentary and photography that will keep you all interested or at the very least jealous.

I hope during my time away I’ll learn Spanish, volunteer with some worthwhile causes, spend a large amount of time being a beach bum as well as scuba diving and get a whole heap of life experience.

As I go along I’m sure more will become clear ….

In the meantime you can follow me on Twitter (@nihaoxiongmao), check out my Flickr or LinkedIn pages etc. and get in touch however you like.

Much love on this Happy Valentine’s Day. x



3 thoughts on “So here we go …

  1. Learn Spanish? I’d like to see you try and do hand gestures to mimic tone in Spanish! Can’t promise to follow this as it’s just going to make me jealous (as if you need more stamps!) but good luck with it. Try not to rub it in too much ; ) xxx

  2. Good luck. When do you leave. I can remember you watching Michael Palin in my house when you were about 9-10 years old and I thought the programmes were too adult for you but you were always fascinated. Looking forward to hearing of your escapades of which I am sure there will be many!

  3. I head to Cuba for about 12 days on the 30th March, then I’m back for a Christening in Ireland, then Canada on the 19th April and Mexico on the 30th…..after that the plan runs out.

    I remember watching those programmes glued to your TV, probably had more of an impact on me than many things.

    Not expecting to be good at learning Spanish, but at least I can order 2 beers at the moment!

    Hazell – I intend to rub it in a lot!

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