Lure of Alberta

I don’t know what it is about Alberta (other than having a significant part of my family living there) but I’m kinda hooked on the place and have been since my first trip there (on my own) in 1997 when I was 8 years old.

Just a wee boy back then!

I’ve visited every few years since, my previous trip before this year was in 2006 and still I can’t get the idea of spending a few years really living there out of my head.

Anyway, on this trip other than spending time catching up with family before heading off to Mexico to begin this big trip I still got to catch an FC Edmonton ‘soccer’ game, head to Banff for a quick view of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy spending time in Edmonton, probably one of the world’s most underated cities – after all it still has some attractive architecture, formerly the world’s biggest shopping mall and events such as the Edmonton International Beer Festival (a big plus for me)!

Lake Minnewanka

Canadian Rockies

Edge of the Prairies

Art Gallery of Alberta

Alberta Legislature

FC Edmonton vs Minnesota Stars

Beer Girls

I think I might be back at least in time for a Tim Hortons when I finish my this trip of a lifetime I’ve just embarked on through Central and South America – more to come on that soon!

Boston Creme


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