The Plan

So the plan is I head to Cuba on the 31st March, nip back over the pond for my little niece’s christening in Thurles (Ireland), over to see family in Edmonton (Canada) on the 19th April then onto Cancun (Mexico) by the 30th April and overland from there to Santiago (Chile) with as many fun stops along the way including the Blue Hole in Belize, Spanish lessons in Central America, Death Road in Bolivia, the Amazon in Peru etc.

ETA in Chile = I’m sorry I haven’t a clue!

Well the Chile plan kind of changed! One day while looking at a map I saw the potential for seeing Rio. Flights home from there being much cheaper I now have a new end point on the 24th November.

I’m trying to do as much as possible on this trip to learn new skills, gain new experiences, meet new people and hopefully have a positive impact on the CV to help me get a job either on the way or on my return to the UK.  There’s more about that in an earlier blog post here.

Starting this blog has helped me realise the vast range of opportunities for travel writing out there. I’d love to get involved with this, perhaps with guest posts on other blogs or if I’m really lucky get some paid travel writing work. Please do get in touch if you know a way to help me with this. I’d also be interested on sharing some really good articles about Latin America or what’s going on back in the UK from other bloggers.

Update – after an incredible 8 month trip we returned but are now looking for jobs.

5 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Hey mate,

    Adam from PMSI here, hope you’re having fun, I imagine you’ll be reaching Costa Rica/Panama sometime soon if you’re heading south. let me know if you want any tips.

    Very jealous of your trip!


    • Hey how’s it going? Don’t get too jealous, you’ve got the joys of PMSI 😛

      We’re in Honduras at the moment – been a bit of a strange place, I got robbed and the Mrs has been in hospital but done some fun stuff too.

      Think I should be there in about July. More than happy for some good tips.

      • Any suggestions on where I should travel to if I want to go to a few places in Central America from Mid July to Mid August? I have been to Honduras four times, and yes you always have to be careful there, some friends of mine have gotten robbed quite a few times.
        I am a student so I am wondering if you have any tips for traveling for cheap. Thanks so much!

      • My favourite places so far have been Belize (but is now entering the rainy season) and Antigua in Guatemala for learning Spanish. An excellent place to relax was Lago Yajoa in Honduras but I guess you will want somewhere new.

        I’m currently in Nicaragua where I have heard excellent things about Granada and Ometepe.

  2. Sorry to hear you got robbed and your lady was in the hospital.
    Just saw your latest blog, the san blas trip is supposed to be amazing, very jealous! When you get into Cartagena the media luna hostel is a good place to stay, really cool rooftop. You should also head to Santa Marta, about 4 hours away, there’s an even better hostel there called la brisa loca, run by a couple of americans. Definitely hit Tayrona after that, it’s amazing, highlight of my trip

    Hope you are both well anyway


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